50KG/H Dry Ice Making Machine




 Ice production 50kg/h
Specifications of block dry ice Φ3mm, 16mm
Dry ice density 1550kg/m³
Liquid and solid CO2 conversion ratio 42%
Total power 3KW
 Equipment weight 195KG
Dimensions 100cm×50cm×100cm



Full touch screen operation, using imported high-end PLC control system, further realizes full automation of the machine, improves production efficiency, and greatly enhances the controllability and stability of the production process, making this series of granular dry ice machines widely used in refrigeration storage and fresh-keeping cold chain , transportation cooling, dry ice cleaning and deburring and other industries.

It can independently produce and customize dry ice block machines of various specifications according to customer needs.  


  1. The body adopts a fully enclosed design, which makes the equipment more integrated, reduces the noise when the equipment is working, and prevents the danger caused by the accidental touch of personnel during work, making it safer to work.
  2. The core electrical parts are imported and original, and the quality of international brands is guaranteed.
  3. The hydraulic pump station and particle forming module are all built-in, which reduces the footprint of the equipment on the one hand, and on the other hand makes the dry ice production avoid the influence of dust.
  4. Touch LCD panel operation, can set the hydraulic cylinder purging frequency, working time, etc., reducing the error rate of manual operation.
  5.   The hydraulic system can be equipped with food-grade configuration (stainless steel parts are used, and edible food oil is used as hydraulic transmission medium)