Dry Ice Blasting Machine

The JSM9500 is a portable dry ice blaster that can be used for car detailing, printers, mould etc . With 4 different nozzles, the JSM9500 is an ideal solution for cleaning more demanding surfaces. Dry ice blasting machines and accessories are designed to minimize the costs of equipment and plant maintenance.




Air supply flow: 0.5~4.0m³/min

Air supply pressure: 116psi (adjustable)

Dry ice consumption: 0~1.6kg/min

Hopper capacity: 5kg

Dry ice state: 3mm granular

Power: 0.37kw

Voltage: AC110V~220V/50~60HZ


4 aerodynamic nozzles

1 blasting pipe 3m long

1 switch handle

1 explosion-proof air supply pipe

1 ice shovel

1 mask

1 earmuffs

1 Waterproof power cord

 1 fragmening adapter

1 grounding strap



Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 62 × 43 × 75 cm